Integrated Dairies Limited has adopted a preventive health policy by the periodical vaccination of all farm herds. Currently, the Farm runs the following vaccinations:

Black Quarter Vaccine (BQV): For the immunization of cattle against black quarter disease and anthrax.
Brucellosis Vaccine  (BV): For prevention of bovine brucellosis (Bruscella abortus) in cattle.
Hemorrhagic Septicemia Vaccine (HSV): For prevention of systemic disease caused by pathogenic organisms or their toxins in the blood stream.
Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia Vaccine (CBPPV): For the prevention of contagious Bovine pleuropneumonia – which is an acute, sub acute or chronic respiratory disease of cattle caused by Mycoplasma mycoides.
Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine (FMDV): For susceptible animals against foot and mouth disease.
Lumpy Skin Disease Vaccine (LSDV): For the prevention of lumpy skin disease – an acute viral disease of cattle characterized by appearance of nodules on the skin and other parts of the body.

Please contact Integrated Dairies Limited for more information on availability and pricing.

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